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The purpose of the Highlands Forum is to educate and facilitate peace-building and international cooperation.

More broadly: The Highlands Forum is an informal, cross-disciplinary network with a common interest in information, science, and technology and their impact on global security and societal activities. For more than twenty-five years, participants from industry, academia, the arts, and government, as well as professionals in a variety of fields, have shared their knowledge and insights. Some of the thematic areas explored by the Forum include: emerging technologies, networks and risk, organizational development, economic competition, and the changing concept of security. The Forum’s process is informal and seeks to provoke, to stimulate, and to bring ideas from the edge to the core through in-depth conversations we call "strategic listening."

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of five individuals who collectively hold day-to-day governance responsibility for the organization, within the constraints of the bylaws. The board is elected annually, to one-year terms, by the Members.


The Members are a self-maintaining steering group which annually elect the Board of Directors and act as the program committee for Highlands Forum meetings and publications.

Active Participants

The Active Participants are those who are engaged in organizing future Highlands Forum meetings, as well as those who participated in the most recent meeting.


The Alumni consist of past Highlands Forum attendees in good standing, and retain access to the summaries and any recorded content of past and future meetings.


The public has access to Highlands Forum reading lists and published articles.

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